Wednesday, November 3, 2010

` Twenteenth.♥

As I`m typing this, I`m 20 years, 1 day, 3 hours and 4 minutes old.

Here`s a rundown of what happened on my birthday.:)

I went to Jollibee to buy food that I was going to bring for Mama because Papa isn`t home to do it. (He`s in La Union.) I had to finish my lunch early because I needed to go to mass, so I did. Then I went home to get ready because I was meeting up with my biatches. I finished up getting ready early, so I had time to clean my messy room because I planned on inviting them over for dinner.

I met up with Rocky and Iris at 2PM in National Bookstore, and surprise surprise, he was carrying a bag of treats. A day earlier than my birthday, he told us the he and his love forgot about getting the Krispy Kreme doughnuts they promised to give me and Iris so I wasn`t really expecting to get this the day after.

We went to Shakey`s after walking. And while we waited for our orders I opened the other gift from Rocky`s love. This, I was kinda expecting, but it didn`t lessen my excitement at all. Because I love it. It`s in my wishlist, if you happen to have read my other entries, you`ll know it`s there. Anyhoo. I love it. I love it. I love it.♥

After eating oversized meals, we went to walk around the mall before we decided to go home and wait for dinner time. So we did what we do best: camwhore! :P

After dinner, around 9, Rocky and Iris decided to go home. It was family time.

We have not been complete for the longest time, so we took as many pictures as we could.

I was wishing for my 20th birthday to be special, and although I didn`t have a party that big, I`m more than happy that I spent my birthday with my bestest best friends for the first time. I know Rocky was still tired from his Manila trip, and Iris wasn`t really allowed to go out that day, but they came, and they made me feel that I was worth the effort. I really REALLY appreciate it.

And I`m really happy that my family still made an effort to make my day special even if I know we were short on budget. Mama Jill made the salad I always ask her to make on my birthday because it`s my favorite. And Mama Daise did all the cooking and cleaning. Mama was, well, Mama. She was too happy that she and Papa raised a beautiful kid for 20 years. Hahaha. :)) :P And my cousins. They`re the most amazing, and funny, creatures ever. 

For what I thought would be one of the worst birthdays of my life, turned out that it was really one of the bests. :)